October 11, 2019

New project: e-SMART

e-SMART for e-mobility SMART grid for passengers and last mile freight transports in the Alpine Space is the 36 European cofunded project for Pôle Véhicule du Futur.

This project has just been cofunded by the programme INTERREG Espace Alpin and is built on the work of a previous project, e-MOTICON, completed in June 2019.

e-SMART goal

e-SMART will define a set of operational tools to plan and implement charging networks for the electrification of public passenger transport and last-mile logistics, in a smart grid approach.


This project aims to offer:

  • Easy-to-use guidelines for the development of electrified mobility for people and last-mile logistics services, taking into account both heavy and light modes, and the design of a suitable charging network.
  • A toolbox for the evaluation and planning of network expansion needs in the context of electromobility projects.

The guide and the toolkit will be developed using Smart Living Labs in cooperation with public institutions and the private sector.  


The project coordinator is our Italian partner RSE, Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico
The other partners are Italian, Austrian, German, Slovenian and French:

Regional observers are associated, particularly in France:

The Pôle Véhicule du Futur role

Pôle Véhicule du Futur is responsible for the "Smart Living lab" lot, which aims to constitute a transnational network of regional hubs in order to identify and disseminate good practices on the dual issue of electric mobility and smart grids.

The financing

Project funding period: October 2019 – March 2022

The e-SMART project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space Programme. The total project budget amounts to € 2.53 million; application for ERDF funding amounts to € 2.15 million.




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