October 16, 2020

EACN supports the European initiative "Skills4Jobs"

Beyond the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the European automobile industry is facing an unprecedented turning point in its history.

Battery and fuel cell electric vehicles and connected, automated or even autonomous cars on the one hand, and the need for modernization and flexibility in the production fabric on the other side will lead to a profound change in the entire sector and at all levels of the value chain. And these are just a few examples.

These changes create a need for better and sometimes differently trained staff. This is why the European Automotive Cluster Network EACN, chaired by Pôle Véhicule du Futur, supports the European initiative "Skills4Jobs".

Supported by the main European associations of the automotive industry, this initiative represents the automotive part of Europe's Pact for Skills, and will provide a common framework for actions carried out in different countries and regions.
It aims to set up a common framework for vocational training in the automotive industry in order to ensure interoperability of training between companies in the sector and across borders.

Skills4Jobs will thus provide added value for companies that will get access to skills they need to survive tomorrow in the market, as well as for employees who will be better valued and more satisfied in their job.


About EACN

EACN, created and coordinated by Pôle Véhicule du Futur, aims at generating best practices exchanges, synergies and cooperation between European automotive clusters.


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