Powertrain electrification

Across all types of vehicles, powertrain electrification is now playing a strategic role and having a strong impact on the existing industrial ecosystem - but there's still plenty of room to get on board!

  • Batteries, supercapacitors, hydrogen and fuel cells to store energy
  • Ever more efficient power electronics
  • Electronic control systems and related strategies 
  • Compact, powerful electric machines
  • And across the board, key integration issues: cooling, EM compatibility, etc. 

A powertrain is a system including various subsystems and elementary components. Developments in just one of them can give the complete system the competitive edge. Integration and new architectures also play a key role.

The value chain of an electrified powertrain has opportunities aplenty for everyone from component manufacturer to integrator!

We can advise and support you with your innovation projects relating to electric/electrified powertrains.

Your contact: Bruno Jamet, Director of programmes – bj@vehiculedufutur.com 

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