Design, materials and recycling

Design, vehicle structure, components and systems

The acceleration seen in the evolution of vehicle architectures makes it necessary to use design tools that can accelerate and optimise the development of structures, components and functional modules.

By sharing our expertise, we can bring you wise, relevant support throughout the process of developing your innovative products. 

The question that now arises is that of the "breakthrough". The complexity of systems, the integration of mechatronic functions, connectivity, the reliance on multi-material assemblies are barriers that need to be overcome. 
Using integrated design/process design methods, topological optimisation, simulation technologies, augmented reality and mastering digital continuity and the compatibility of 3D formats will place you in "pole position" when it comes to the innovative design of your products for the future. 

New, smart materials, recycling, bio-sourcing

The development of materials is a crucial issue for the Automotive and transport sectors, whether the aim is lightweighting, reducing the carbon footprint, reducing CO2 emissions, electrification, hydrogen solutions or cleaner energies in general. 

To meet these challenges, together we can accelerate your projects to develop and use new materials. Polymers, composites, elastomers, aluminium alloys and innovative steels offer so many opportunities to imagine new applications and industrialise the use of higher-performance greener materials for the vehicle of the future.
The functionalisation of materials, plastronics, the use of economically recyclable materials, the bio-sourcing route, the move towards additive manufacturing methods and digital simulation will all be important levers for the adoption of these "materials of excellence".

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