February 27, 2019

e-MOTICON European Project: Newsletter nb. 5

We are pleased to present you the Newsletter Nb. 5 regarding the Interreg Alpine Space Project e-MOTICON. 


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  • Save the date! 26th March 2019 : e-MOTICON final public event at Region Lombardy Milano


The e-MOTICON project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme, started at the end of 2016, is now rapidly coming to an end: June 2019! 

The e-MOTICON partnership worked very intensively over the last months to achieve all desired results and deliver key documents as valid support for the Public Administrations in electric mobility. 

In fact, the project since the very beginning was headed towards enhancement of the Public Administrations in the design and implementation of an interoperable and transnational electric vehicle charging network. 

The e-MOTICON project produced a comprehensive review of the state of the art, followed by an inclusive definition of the concept of interoperability. Afterwards a strategy was produced together with partners’ stakeholders, and it represents a common denominator for the Alpine Space regions, consistent with the regional policies, the communities and the Alpine Space strategies. 

The Strategy was tested in three different pilot actions that worked on crucial issues: communication between institutions, development of procedures for the location of interoperable charging stations, interoperability and transnational requirements that the electric charging system for electric vehicles must have. All the technical reports can be consulted at: alpine-space.eu/projects/e-moticon/en/work-packages/deliverables 

Pilot actions were followed by Regional Action Plans (RAPs) through which the strategy was implemented in specific area, according to local needs and requirements. RAPs did highlight the common vision linking it to the local objectives and translating it into strategic actions. Each partner developed one RAP for its territory of reference. The strategy, together with five national RAPs were then merged in a White Book

An operational document called Guidelines was then created, as support for the Public Administration in the implementation of the common strategy. 

We encourage you to access the Networking Platform at: https://www.e-moticon.eu/ 

What else could you do? Sign a letter of support, as a project legacy, in the years to come. The perfect event for signature may be the final project event, which will take place on March 26, 2019, in Milan. 


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