January 20, 2016

Cristal by Lohr

New bimodal transport system electric, economical and digital.

This 100% electric vehicle operates as a twin-use system: individual (self-service mode) and public (shuttle mode).

As Cristal offers the option of being used as a public or private vehicle, offering a raft of services, it is a new way of sharing mobility, making journeys easier and ensuring optimum use of the vehicle.
This 100% electric vehicle is both compact and roomy, reducing its urban footprint while offering a large interior volume. Cristal provides 100% accessibility for people with reduced mobility and can accommodate up to 18 standingpersons in shuttle mode.

Designed with public transport in mind, the cristal system is part of the full complementarity of forms of "mass" public transport (such as the underground, trams and buses), and ensures that the "last mile" is served.

It is innovative because it provides an integral offer. It is connected, shared, clean, and run by the same operator as the whole of the existing public transport network.

Read more on Cristal : www.lohr.fr/cristal-en

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