Automotive industry activities: experience-sharing, excellence networks, trophies

Experience-sharing and in-company seminars: trying out good practices on the ground

Experience-sharing session (1/2 day) and seminars (1 full day) are meetings for members to allow them to exchange on a subject in the scope of the PerfoEST programme of action.

They help to raise their skills levels by sharing best practices, whilst also fostering dynamic networking between the actors in the automotive sector and the members of the cluster in general.

These meetings are held on the premises of a host company to encourage the grass roots aspect of the contacts.

Process for a given theme

Present the technical content - Explain the conditions of success - Present the pitfalls to be avoided - Describe the potential gains to be made from this practice - Organise a company tour

These exchanges promote and help disseminate good practices: the participants can appropriate a way of progressing, bring forward its application in their company and enhance their competitiveness.

PerfoEST Excellence Networks

PerfoEST runs Networks of Excellence, making its expertise and experience available to a network of industrial actors committed to progress.


The automotive sector companies present in our region must continue to progress sustainably and faster if they are to achieve global excellence.


To develop together the individual and collective skills to guarantee lasting performance within companies by going further with initiatives already begun, by working collaboratively with the companies that are leading forces in the local industrial fabric. To share current Good Human and Industrial Practices and work together to define the new Good Practices, which will lead to concrete actions in the companies.

Mon fil'auto: a monthly webinar

PerfoEST offers members a monthly meeting with decision-makers in the sector: Entitled "Mon fil'auto", it takes place on the second Thursday of every month, in the form of a webinar, from 6 to 7 pm. See the Diary

Identical format:

  • National information on the sector and provisional volumes
  • The companies each present their situation in turn, followed by questions

Annual conference and Performance trophies

PerfoEST organises an Annual automotive industry meeting, alternating between Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Grand Est, in a member company, or in a 100% digital format.

This event brings together some 200 representatives of the automotive industry with the aim of demonstrating how dynamic the sector is and giving a voice to business leaders.

  • Les Pôles de compétitivité
  • Qualiopi - Certification qualité délivrée au titre des actions de formation
  • Member of The European Automotive Cluster Network EACN