Annual performance survey: compare yourself to the best

PerfoEST has been collecting regional data on the industrial performance of automotive industry factories, and others, since 1997. The results are then collated at national level by the Automobile & Mobilités PFA (automotive industry platform) to allow a national calibration. 

Two main objectives:

  • a source of benchmarking data for the companies taking part
  • a tool for measuring the progress in the performance of the sector as a whole. 

Take part in the performance survey

Increase your competitiveness by comparing yourself to the best in the business and challenge your staff by taking part in the competitions

The questionnaire collects data to study performance indicators and covers 16 indicators.  The results are revealed at the annual Performance Trophies event. 

  • Les Pôles de compétitivité
  • Qualiopi - Certification qualité délivrée au titre des actions de formation
  • Member of The European Automotive Cluster Network EACN