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Keynote speakers of plenary sessions


Plenary session on self-driving car with the participation of Jean-François Sencerin - Renault.

Jean-François Sencerin has in charge of the French Government Self-driving car project. He will be associated to Franck Cazenave, Book author “Stop Google – Meet new challenges from the Web giant”.

Plenary session on Electromobility with the participation of Andreas Leo - Daimler / car2go.

Andreas Leo is Media Officer at Daimler Mobility Services GmbH, a Daimler Group division dedicated to flexible car-sharing solutions. He has many years of experience in Germany as freelance regional planner and consultant and has been working at Daimler with car2go and other mobility concepts for the last 6 years.

About Car2Go: As the world’s first free-floating car-sharing service, car2go provides its members with the possibility to use Smart Fortwo vehicles (ICE or EV) with spontaneous booking and without commitment on specific return time or location. Car2go currently operates over 12,000 vehicles with 850,000 customers in 31 cities worldwide, including Berlin, Rome, Vienne and Vancouver.

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Discover the keynote speakers for the plenary sessions on Self-driving car and Electromobility.