Appel à projets franco-allemand

Nouvel appel à projets franco-allemand : thématique de la sécurité urbaine

Cet appel à projets comprend un volet mobilité.

Securing mobility in urban areas

New means of mobility require novel security solutions. Beside conventional purely public or private transportation modes especially multimodal approaches and novel mobility concepts become increasingly popular, for example car sharing. Also connected and (semi-)autonomous vehicles may play an important role in future urban mobility.
Projects shall increase the future security of mobility within cities as well as between cities and surrounding suburbs. Solutions shall protect the freedom of individual movement and of private life.

Topics to be funded include, but are not limited to, innovative strategies, methods, concepts, and technologies

  • for increasing the resilience of mobility systems, for example utilisation concepts and concepts for contingency planning to maintain mobility in the case of crisis by means of an intelligent cooperation of conventional and new means of mobility as well as novel mobility services
  • for using connected and (semi-)autonomous means of transport or intelligent traffic management systems to improve the coordination and execution of rescue and evacuation operations
  • for analysing opportunities, risks and vulnerabilities for the security of the population that arise from an increased interconnection as well as enhanced usage of electrical and (semi-)autonomous vehicles.

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Date de clôture : 25 avril 2016

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