ELMOs project



Electromobility solutions for cities and regions

Objective: The overall goal of the proposed project
is to promote more sustainable transport
through the development of electromobility solutions
for cities and regions.

The projects aims at delivering concepts for a better exchange of electromobility knowledge at regional and EU level, concepts for new business models and for cross-border field tests which should lead to an improved standardisation in electromobility technology and to new insights in applied science. Addressing technologies, concepts and solutions in the three electromobility constituent sectors automotive, renewable energy and ICT will help regions and cities to provide green mobility solutions that drive quality of life, competitiveness and sustainable growth.


For Switzerland:  ICT Cluster Bern (project leader), Autocluster.ch (Automobil Netzwerk Schweiz) and Bern University of Applied Sciences 
For Austria: VLOTTE GmbH Vorarlberger Electric Vehicle Planning & Consulting -
For Germany: CARS Economic Development Agency Region Stuttgart, IAT Institute for Work and Technology and City System GmbH -
For Hungary: Pannon Novum West Transdanubia Innovation Agency -
For Slovenia: ACS-GIZ Automotive Cluster of Slovenia -
For FrancePôle Véhicule du Futur Cluster

Funded by Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) Capacities - Regions of Knowledge (RoK)

Contact: Leonard GAY – lg@vehiculedufutur.com

  Le programme en FRANCAIS

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