Mobilis Exhibition 2012


APROGSYS - SMART SENSOR SOLUTIONS: 3S Working Group on smart sensors. Partners: Flowdit - Car2Road.

AUTOMOBILE Club: national association representing and defending the interests of car drivers and road users. Mobility and road safety.

BMW: experimentation BMW ActivE.

CAR2ROAD: validation center for ITS (intelligent transport systems) and mobility connected to the meeting point between France, Germany and Switzerland.

DELPHI Mechatronics: concept car Delphi Sbarro with Franco Sbarro F1for3 "Drive into the future"


Concept car Franco Sbarro/Delphi F1for3


Ecole ESPERA Sbarro
: offers 10 months training for automotive techniques, combining theory and practice


Last prototype of ESPERA Sbarro school: EIGHT

(preview of Mondial de l'Auto 2012)
Photo credit : UTBM





: consulting firm in organization, management and innovation funding.

FILAUTO 2015: program for support the competitiveness of the automotive industry in Alsace et Franche-Comté - PerfoEST - CCI Alsace - CCI Franche-Comté

FLOWDIT - SMART SENSOR SOLUTIONS: 3S Working Group on smart sensors.  
Partners : Aprogsys - Car2Road

FRESHMILE : electric mobility operator and load aggregator

GROUPE LA POSTE: new urban mobility

GDF SUEZ: Concept car G-City: natural gas / biomethane and electric traction vehicle, in partnership with FAM Automobiles

HAGER ELECTRO SAS: charging stations for electric vehicles

MICHELIN: Michelin Recherche et Technique is presenting its non-tire innovations in a further demonstration of its commitment to sustainable mobility. Download the press kit.

MINISTERE BELGE WALLONNIE: AWEX, Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investments.

MOBYPOST - PIERRE VERNIER INSTITUTE : European project which aims to contribute to the emergence of a new low-carbon mobility (renewable hydrogen production infrastructure)

MOVECOACH: TRACECARD project - new generation of driver assistance

ORANGE: Smartphone, remote control of mobility

PERTECH: perception technologies - eye tracking, eye tracker design and user testing

RHENATIC: cluster TIC Alsace

SEW USOCOME: motor, gearbox, gearmotor servo gearmotors, frequency converter, electronic variator single-axis and multi-axis, fieldbus, mechatronics unit  and configuration and automation software

SMART SENSOR SOLUTIONS: 3S Working Group on smart sensors. Partners: Aprogsys - Flowdit - Car2Road

SOLVAY Tavaux: electrolysis of salt giving chlorine, caustic soda, and hydrogen.

SYMBIO FCELL: production of electronics and computer control and integration of the system components




VARIAPOWER : conception et fabrication de transmissions continues innovantes. VariaPower a breveté un variateur mécanique basé sur sa technologie de rupture qui offre un très haut rendement pour des applications de faible à très forte puissance.

  Le programme en FRANCAIS
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News Mobilis

A facilitating tool for business organised by Entreprise Europe Network

Europe Day at Parliament in Strasbourg: to have a general view of European projects and funding.

Discover the keynote speakers for the plenary sessions on Self-driving car and Electromobility.