Our partners in France

Partnerships with other French clusters

The Pôle Véhicule du Futur works closely with other clusters at regional and national level, specially automotive clusters. The forms and aims of each partnership are specific to each project and the strategic orientations of each party.

Automotive & Mobility partners:

CARA - ID4Car - Mov'eo

Technological partners to develop synergies and cooperative efforts:

Fibres-Energivie - Materalia - Mont-Blanc industries - Plastipolis - Pôle des Microtechniques

Partnerships with competence centers

Regional level

Partnerships with regional or national actors

National level:

  • PFA : Automotive & Mobilities sector  
  • Carnauto : Carnot Institutes of Automotive & Mobility, a tailor-made offer for innovation projects
  • SIA : Society of Engineers of the Automobile 
  • AFHYPAC : French organisation for hydrogen and fuel cells


Regional level: all economic actors are in partnership with our cluster. We are working together on international developpement, congresses, conferences,...