ABattRelife, a project to improve EV battery technology.

Project advancement: Activities have been started in all Work Packages with different level of progress.

The development of Electrical Vehicles (EV) has become a key challenge in the worldwide automotive industry. The most important technological breakthrough should come from the development of new generation of batteries. While these new generation of batteries are emerging, ABattReLife consortium proposes to gather automotive industry players, together with strong academic institutions in order to assess the technological barriers for a better battery life cycle as well as the most appropriate technologies to ensure a re-use of the batteries at the end of the optimal life cycle.

The main objective of the project is the development and implementation of a knowledge base on high voltage traction battery deterioration; a safe management structure for EV battery recycling; strategies and technologies for battery re-use and recycling. ABattReLife gathers stakeholders from France, Germany and the Netherlands in order to:

Develop a technology for optimised materials recuperation from battery waste

Create a new management structure for re-using and recycling EV

Set boundary conditions for the use of batteries in the first stage of the life-cycle (tradeoff between the efficiency and lifetime of battery packs)

After an analysis of batteries behaviour and degradation phenomena (WP1), the consortium will assess in parallel the options to use EV batteries in second life applications (WP2) and the recycling technologies solutions at the end of life of the battery (WP3). Once this new knowledge will be structured and available, new value-chain and business models for recycling and re-use should be proposed (WP4) before carrying out a feasibility study and small scale pilot (WP5).

The project should therefore allow: Academic to transfer their knowledge to Industry; Industry to develop a non-existing value chain; users to get more information on battery behaviour; and policy-makers to develop public policies to promote the penetration of EVs into the market

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