Europe : lancement d'un nouvel appel à projets FCH JU 2019

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) has published a new call for proposals. €80.8 million are available for developing research and demonstration projects in the field of fuel cells and hydrogen (FCH) technologies. 

Addressing the sectoral integration aspect through ‘Hydrogen Valleys’ is a priority for this year’s call.

This new topic was introduced as the next logical step towards the market introduction of FCH technologies at regional scale, with the purpose of developing local/regional hydrogen value chains and integrating the use of FCH technologies across different sectors and applications, thus creating the hydrogen valley.

The maximum FCH JU contribution that a project may request under this topic is EUR 20 million, out of the €80.8 million allocated to the call.

The deadline for submissions is: 23 April 2019 17:00:00 Brussels time

More information HERE!